Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant

Prerequisites for becoming an Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant:

  • A current RN license
  • Successful completion of the Healthy Children Course in Maternal & Infant Assessment for Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
  • Certification as a CLC or IBCLC
  • Successful completion of the Healthy Children Course Advanced Issues in Lactation Practice

The ANLC - Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant

Competency VerifiedRegistered nurses, who are also CLCs or IBCLCs, can earn advanced certification in lactation management by completing 95 hours of advanced level education. The Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant possesses the insight, knowledge, and skills essential to the development and implementation of management strategies for complex problems related to breastfeeding and human lactation. ANLC candidates undergo rigorous competency verification before they are able to sit for the certification examination with ALPP.

Obtaining the ANLC credential is a way of demonstrating your knowledge, abilities, attitudes and skills in lactation practice and management to the public and to employers. ANLCs have demonstrated competence in:

  • Knowledge of breastfeeding and human lactation management
  • Application of the lactation consultant process in the development of lactation management strategies and care plans in the clinical setting
  • Integration of a variety of approaches to the plan of care for breastfeeding and human lactation including:
  • Relational Theory
  • Archetypes of Female Identity
  • Narrative Theory
  • Kleinman’s Approach to Cultural Competency
  • Models of Growth and Development
  • Role Assumption

ANLCs provide lactation care, assessment and support to those mothers and babies with advanced issues; the small percentage of cases that are truly complex and challenging. ANLC certification seeks to promote, protect and support breastfeeding for individuals and society at large.

Registration for the prerequisite course(s) and examination are submitted directly on Healthy Children Project’s Center for Breastfeeding website.


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