English is not my primary language. What accommodations are available to me for the CLC certification exam?

CLC candidates who do not speak English as a primary language may bring a translation dictionary to the CLC examination, but they must show the dictionary to the ALPP proctors before testing begins. If candidates anticipate needing extended testing time to translate portions of the multiple-choice exam, they may request extended testing time using the Special Testing Accomodations Form without any additional note from a medical provider. These requests must be submitted to ALPP, at minimum, 4 weeks prior to the CLC exam date.

I have a disability (as defined by Title III of the American with Disabilities Act) or have appropriate documentation to request special testing arrangements for the CLC exam. How can I set up accommodations?

Visit the ‘Forms’ tab on this website and download the Special Testing Accommodations form. This form must be submitted to ALPP four weeks prior to the start of the CLC training week in order to make arrangements and verify space with the hosting location. If you are not sure if you qualify for special testing accommodations, please call our office at 508-833-1500 to discuss the potential for accommodations.

How long is the CLC exam?

The CLC final exam lasts for 2 hours. However, there are competencies during the CLC training course that must be passed as well.

How long is the certification valid?

The CLC certification is valid for three years. At the beginning of your third year of certification, you will receive a courtesy postcard to remind you that your certification will soon expire. You may renew your CLC certification with 18 hours of continuing education in evidence-based breastfeeding education.

Is their an online option for the Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC)?

Yes. The ALPP CLC Exam is now entirely online and is remotely proctored. If you complete one of the three pathways to sit for the CLC exam, you will be eligible to take the test online. If you are retaking the CLC exam, you may complete the retake exam form sent to you with your original test results and write in “online” next to the location information. Please contact ALPP if you have any questions by clicking here.