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Updates to the Recertification Scheme

Updates To The Recertification Scheme

Beginning July 31, 2020, ALPP will accept a new category of continuing education credits.
In The Face Of COVID-19, Baltimore Healthy Start Builds Resiliency

Baltimore Healthy Start Builds Resiliency

"Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc. has launched a multi-pronged approach to support the families they serve"
2020 Job Task Analysis Executive Summary

2020 Job Task Analysis

The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice has published an Executive Summary of the 2020 JTA.
The Physician’s Role In Human Milk Feeding – ACOG New Publication

ACOG New Publication Features LSPs

"LSPs have gained expertise in breastfeeding support that comes from a variety of backgrounds..."
Breastfeeding Challenges During The Pandemic

Breastfeeding During the Pandemic

Access to breastfeeding support has become harder and anxiety among parents has increased.
CLC Working On Contact Tracing Team During Pandemic

CLC Working on Contact Tracing

Susan Thomas-Young works with Lorain County Public Health for its epidemiology and surveillance team.
Hospitals Are Separating Mothers And Newborns During The Coronavirus Pandemic — With Little Evidence It Will Help Slow The Spread Of Disease

Hospitals separating mothers and newborns

Long-abandoned, harmful childbirth practices are coming back, according to a recent article in the Boston Globe.
Pump And Pick Up Breastmilk Program In County Jails

Breastmilk program in CA county jails

Information on California AB 2507 which requires county jails to develop and implement an infant and toddler breast milk feeding policy.
New Study Finds More Lactation Support Professionals Related To Lower Rates Of Childhood Obesity In Pennsylvania

Lactation Support and Childhood Obesity in PA

The presence of CLCs and IBCLCs in PA is associated with lower rates of childhood obesity and higher rates of breastfeeding.
CLC Providing Care During the Pandemic

Certified Lactation Counselor Providing Care In The Pandemic

Jeanne Pichoff, an occupational therapist and certified lactation counselor, is working hard during the pandemic.