Growing a Tribe of Lactation Care Providers in Columbus, Ohio

Posted : 12/11/18 in In the News

Growing a Tribe of Lactation Care Providers in Columbus, Ohio
Ellie MacGregor

Posted 1 month ago

NICU lactation educator, Stacy Notestine, RN, BSN, IBCLC, has led Columbus Nationwide Children’s Hospital in its quest to expand its lactation care services after creating an additional lactation program.


Notestine began paving the way in 2015 when her and her colleagues began a program designed as a resource to the IBCLC lactation team and NICU staff who were working to support and encourage breastfeeding. In addition to this success, Notestine also oversees the lactation education courses for more than 800 staff members working in the hospital’s NICU service line.


Many of the NICU nurses have attended the Lactation Counselor Training Course (LCTC) to become a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). The hospital’s administrative team supports the education and training of NICU nurses to become CLCs by providing financial scholarships as well.  With the administrative support, Notestine recognizes how the lactation program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital has thrived thus far.


With the lactation care providers in the NICU as nurses, the cohesiveness of the healthcare team has grown stronger. Notestine believes that it is more efficient and easier for fellow nurses to interact with one another regarding lactation care, rather than waiting for an external team to consult a mother-baby dyad.


The LCTC provides valuable education for nurses and others hoping to become a CLC. Notestine agrees, stating, “The knowledge and availability of the bedside CLC is so valuable to our NICU population!”