Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultant

ANLC Recertification

In recognition of the fact that scientific and social knowledge about breastfeeding and human lactation is continually evolving, ANLCs are required to obtain a minimum of 25 hours of continuing education in the area of breastfeeding and human lactation every three years.

The ANLC certification is valid for three years. Evidence-based breastfeeding practice requires constant reading, evaluation, and dialogue with peers and mentors. It is in the best interests of all health care providers to seek every opportunity for continuing education and professional growth. ANLCs who do not provide adequate proof of 25 or more hours of appropriate continuing education will not receive a renewed certificate.

In order to renew, you must submit to the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice a completed application and documentation of 25 or more hours of continuing education specific to breastfeeding completed in the three years prior to the recertification application.

Approved continuing education offerings are ones that focus on evidence based breastfeeding research, updated management training, advocacy, practice, counseling, promotion, protection, and/ or support. You will receive an early recertification discount if your completed recertification packet is received more than two months before the expiration of your ANLC certification. Recertification application packets received more than three months after your certification has expired will not be accepted, and your right to use the ANLC credential will expire.

More information on recertification, including the recertification application, can be found here.


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