Is there a fee for missing your online examination session?

Yes. If you do not show up/log in to ProctorU on the scheduled time and date of your CLC examination, you will forfeit your examination fee to ALPP and this attempt will count towards your total number of attempts to take the CLC examination. You will receive an email from ALPP notifying you of your missed examination session with instructions on how to sign up and pay for a retake attempt.

Can I retake the CLC course to get my contact hours for recertification?

Yes. The course content changes as research is published in the field, so re-taking the course is a great learning opportunity! You do not have to take the CLC exam again. If you choose to retake the exam, you forfeit your current status as a CLC and your certification then depends on your most recent test results. If you do not pass, you will lose the right to the CLC credential.

Can I attend workshops offered by non-WHO Code compliant companies in order to earn continuing education credits to recertify my CLC?

The role of formula, breast pump, and bottle manufacturing companies should be only to educate health workers about their own products, not about peripheral subjects such as breastfeeding. Workshops offered by non-compliant WHO Code companies may not be used toward the 18 hours of continuing breastfeeding education necessary to recertify your CLC every three years.

What is the WHO Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, and what are its implications for me as a CLC?

The CLC Code of Ethics requires that certificants behave in accordance with the World Health Organization Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. See section 7 of the Who Code for further information.

The CLC Code of Ethics is accessible here.
The WHO Code is accessible here.

Here is some guidance from the International Baby Food Action Group on the role of health workers (including LCs) vis-a-vis education and the companies addressed by the Code:

What about insurance reimbursement?

The credentialing process for insurance companies is separate from professional credentialing. It refers to the insurance company accepting care providers whom they will reimburse. Insurers establish their own rules about whom they credential, which is challenging for individual providers who have to deal with each insurer separately.

Regarding the superbill, while insurance billing and reimbursement are always complex topics, it is currently in a state of near chaos given the status of discussions in Washington. As a result, we are not comfortable offering advice. It would be best to go to a billing expert in your state who knows the ins and outs of your insurance market.

As a CLC, do I need to be insured? What types of insurances do you recommend?

Every CLC should obtain advice regarding liability insurance. Two types may be needed: a) professional liability (malpractice) insurance; b) general liability (if you are self-employed – this covers business exposures such as clients being injured by a slip and fall on the premises, etc.)

If you already carry liability insurance in the context of other licensure/certification (e.g., RN, doula, etc.), we recommend checking with your current liability insurance carrier to see if lactation can be added to any existing policy. Make sure you find out about any limitations of insurance – for example, if your insurance covers your work in a hospital it may cover you only on hospital grounds, but not for phone calls made from home, home visits, etc.

CM&F Liability Insurance for Certified Lactation Counselors, Advanced Lactation Counsultants, Advanced Nurse Lactation Consultants

Can I appeal a decision I receive from ALPP?

If your application to sit for the CLC examination through the Aggregate Pathway or Alternative Pathway is denied, you may appeal the decision as outlined in the CLC Candidate Handbook.  A candidate may also appeal to a decision made on their examination as outlined in the CLC Candidate Handbook.

I need to retake one or both portions of the CLC examination. When can I retake it and how much does it cost?

The CLC examination is a challenging certification test. Many people retake one or both portions of the exam for a variety of reasons, including if they are making up time from a previous exam location. CLC candidates who are on the Comprehensive Course Pathway can retake the test up to three times within one year of the date they completed the Lactation Counselor Training Course. CLC candidates who are on the Alternate or Aggregate Pathways may retake the test up to three times within one year of the date of their application approval. The retake exam fee is $100 each time.