Georgia Legislative Wins For Breastfeeding Families

Posted : 10/23/20 in In the News

Georgia Legislative Wins For Breastfeeding Families

Posted 3 years 5 months ago

REPOST: United States Breasteeding Committee Newsletter 


The Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition published a press release titled "The 2020 Georgia Legislative session was a big win for breastfeeding families in Georgia!" The press release celebrates two state bills that were signed into law. HB 1090 updated Georgia's workplace lactation accommodation law to state that employers "shall" provide accommodation, instead of "may" provide. The new law also specifies that break time will be paid, and extends coverage to hourly and salaried workers in private and public sectors. HB 1114 extended maternal postpartum coverage for Medicaid recipients to six months and provides new lactation care and services benefits.


Check out the full press release here: