Mississippi Nurses Become Certified Lactation Counselors

Posted : 05/07/19 in In the News

Mississippi Nurses Become Certified Lactation Counselors

Posted 5 years months ago

Last year, Forrest General Hospital celebrated two new Certified Lactation Counselors® (CLC®) in their Women and Children’s Services department. Two nurses, Brittany Brabham and Samantha Marshall, successfully completed the Lactation Counselor Training Course (LCTC) and met all competency requirements to sit for the two-part CLC exam. They received passing scores for the exam and are recognized as experts in the field who are ready to offer support and assistance for families trying to reach their breastfeeding goals.


The CLC certification identifies a professional in lactation counseling who has demonstrated the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to provide breastfeeding counseling and management support to families who are thinking about breastfeeding or who have questions or problems during the course of breastfeeding/lactation.