Marching for Moms

Posted : 04/11/19 in In the News

Marching for Moms

Posted 5 years 3 months ago

In May 2018, at the beginning of the National Maternal Health Awareness Week, a giant stage was set up on the National Mall for families to share their stories and hopes to grow their families with dignity. The annual March for Moms event in Washington, DC is held to motivate society to make a difference in the lives of mothers, babies, and birthing families.


In their mission to unify diverse voices to action, the annual rally encourages families to speak about devastating maternal health outcomes across the United States, and to bring awareness to how we can take action to ensure we improve our health care system and services.  Their goal is to inspire and mobilize individuals to advocate for important legislation that will improve the health and well-being of families.


Neel Shah, MD, the cofounder of March for Moms, describes the annual event as "tremendously powerful." He believes there is no higher value healthcare service to a society than childbirth, and yet, the U.S. does not adequately invest in the wellbeing of mothers or families. In 2018, speaker Jesanna Cooper, MD, CLC, left the march feeling both optimistic about the future and empowered by the platform to speak about what works in her state of Alabama in relation to better care of families and babies. "You see what is possible," she explains, and Dr. Shah points to the organization's success influencing legislation in Congress to boot. 


Want to be a part of the 2019 March for Moms? Event details can be found here: