Tips & Tricks For Recertifying As A Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC)

Posted : 04/16/19 in In the News

Tips & Tricks For Recertifying As A Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC)

Posted 5 years months ago

In recognition of the fact that scientific and social knowledge about breastfeeding is always evolving, the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice (ALPP) requires CLCs to renew their certification every three years. To recertify, a CLC must complete 18 hours of continuing education related to breastfeeding or human lactation.


There are two primary recertification periods every year:

  • June 30 th
  • December 31 st


If you are a CLC who was awarded their certification before June 30 th, then your expiration date will fall on June 30 th – three years in the future. If you were awarded the certification after June 30th, your expiration date will fall on December 31 st – three years in the future.


Let’s give an example:  Avery Smith successfully passes the CLC certification exam on July 15, 2016. Her CLC certification will be due for renewal on December 31, 2019.


How do I recertify?


The Academy is working hard to make the recertification process simple, accessible and user-friendly. This year, we re-vamped our online portal to recertify through our Community of Practice. To recertify online, you can log on or sign up for an account. Once you are inside the portal, you will see several prompts to recertify. We have created a Quick-Start Guide to help you through this process within the portal as well.



If you generally dislike doing these things on the computer – we understand! We can also accept your recertification paperwork via fax machine. If faxing in your recertification documents, please include our application (available here: and the certificates of completion awarded to you for your 18 hours of continuing education credits. These certificates must contain your name, the date of completion, the name of the course, the organization offering the course, and the number of hours awarded to you.


Where do I find hours that count & what will it cost me?


We are often asked what type of continuing education is required to recertify. ALPP can accept hours awarded L- or E-CERPs. We can also accept R-CERPs, CEUs, or general contact hours as long as the words 'breastfeeding,' 'human milk,' or 'lactation,' are in the course title.


There is a fee for recertification as well, but options on how to keep the cost low! If you are able to submit your application and hours 2 months or more beyond your expiration date, you would be considered an early bird registrant and would pay the lowest recertification rate offered!


Do I need to remember when I am due to recertify?


Short answer – yes! Like any other deadline or important date, it is every persons' own responsibility to keep track of their recertification deadline and materials. The Academy tries to help by sending a reminder postcard in the mail 18 months before your expiration date (it is very advanced notice, but we do it to help people who are just beginning their continuing education hours)!


Even though we send out these reminders, people move all the time and forget to update their address with us. We receive hundreds of returned postcards in the mail due to old addresses, so you may not receive the postcard at all! You can always call our national office to check on your expiration date and our staff members would be happy to help.



These are some of the most commonly asked questions about the CLC recertification process, so we hope this short summary of tips and tricks help to save time! For a more detailed description of the recertification procedures, please take a look at our recertification handbook, available here: